Factory Auto Quick Change Delivery Concentrador 5L Home Oxygen Generator Portable Concentrator

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Factory Auto Quick Change Delivery Concentrador 5L Home Oxygen Generator Portable Concentrator
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Model Number: 5L Oxygen Concentrator
Instrument classification: Class I
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sale Service: Online technical support, Onsite Training
fast delivery: in stock
Certificates: ISO13485
Safety standard: GB/T 19001-2016
Feature: Automatic Switchover
Power Source: Electricity
warranty: one year warranty
technology: PSA pressure swing adsorption
Purity: medical use,93%(±3%)
証明: ISO13485
Model Number: 5L Oxygen Concentrator
Packaging Details: AS EXPORT STANDARD
Product Overview

5L portable household medical oxygen generator high concentration oxygen machine in stock

Using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, the ZY-5 and ZY-10 separates oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrating it to a purity of 93% (± 3%) , and delivering the oxygen to any application. With purely physical process and air as raw material to achieve 90-96% oxygen.
outlet pressure
Net weight
oxygen purity
Flow Fluction
Humidity Range
Environment Temperature

Product applicable population

Special recommendation for following groups of potential consumers: Aged: prolonging life, improving immunity, preventing disease, oxygen therapy. Old man’s vital capacity goes downhill quickly; some vitals such as heart, brain, and kidney, liver will be gradually decline. Oxygen uptaking would make up oxygenic shortage that caused by Physical Function Decline and keep every organ in good condition, also prevent disease to keep healthy and defer senility. White-collar women: skin care, maintenance skin nutrition and elasticity and reduction of sub-health status. Oxygen uptaking could relieve nervous and irritable emotion sub health, etc. Increasing energy, rise vitality. Recover and improve your health from office syndrome, such as fatigability, feeling dizzy, losing appetite. Pregnant women: this oxygen concentrator generator is beneficial to the women and helpful to fetus development. Plenty of oxygen uptaking will help women promote or improve skin’s blood circulation, gear up to extract toxin and melanin to let your skin looks nutritious and younger. Oxygen uptaking can help fetus get more oxygen in order to grow up healthily and become an “Oxygen Baby”, to have inherent advantages during the pregnant time. Businessman: The oxygen concentrator generator relaxing physical and metal tension, improving physical ability, reducing sub-health status and improving work efficiency. Enhance physiological index, keep strong energetic and improve life quality or recovery. Students: oxygen concentrator generator improving remembrance, refreshing and reducing mental fatigue. Our brain will use and take out 25% oxygen of whole body. When you study long time, you need oxygen uptaking in time and could help you improve ability of memory and study.
Workers: releasing fatigue, refreshing and increasing physical ability. Patients: This oxygen concentrator generator increasing the auxiliary treatment of Cardio - cerebral vascular/COPD&Cardiovasalar diseases, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Plateau tourism lovers: This oxygen concentrator generator Releasing the symptoms of lacking of oxygen on plateau . Scope of application: This oxygen concentrator generator is mainly used for generating health care use oxygen. Oxygen concentrator generator could enhance absorption of medicine and modify disease. Patients are most necessary people who need oxygen uptaking, especially for those who have Cardiopulmonary Diseases. Oxygen uptaking can suspend illness to get worse, improve immune competence of pneogaster and our body. Oxygen uptaking can alleviate or remit shortness of breath, to make you are refreshing and active and improve quality of life. Keep long time oxygen therapy, it will be important in recovering of disease absolutely

Hunan ZOY Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changsha Economic Technological Development Zone (Hunan, China). Our company is professionally engaged in researching, developing and manufacturing medical oxygen generating equipment. As a high-tech enterprise, we can provide customers with medical PSA Oxygen Generator, integrated PSA Oxygen Generating System, PSA Oxygen Generating System, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and Nitrogen Reuse System, etc. We can provide a variety of gas supply solutions according to customer requirements, and provide users with repair and maintenance, technical training and technical supports in respect of nitrogen, oxygen generating equipment and related equipment.

Our Certificate

As the market leader of PSA Oxygen Generating System, ZOY obtains a variety of certificates, including CE certificate, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System Certificate, AAA Credit Rating certificate. And ZOY holds two nationally authorized invention patents and nine innovation patents. ZOY exports products to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other overseas markets. The after-sales offices cover more than 20 countries and regions. Premium quality is the mission of ZOY. We are committed to producing high-quality medical PSA Oxygen Generating Systems and be a trusted business partner for customers.
Export standard packing
by International express like DHL,UPS,FEDEX or by air ,by sea
Q1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?
We are the manufacturer of Integrated oxygen generator system, we have our own factory,research Lab, showroom,sales center in Changsha,Hunan province.

Q2. What's the system installation environment requirement?
The system requires a dry ventilated environment.

Q3. What terms of payment you use?
T/T, L/C etc.

Q4. Do you offer customized services?
Yes, We offer customized products according to different oxygen demand.

Q5.What about your after-sale services?
We provide a variety of gas supply solutions according to customer requirements, and also provide users with repair andmaintenance, technical training and technical advice in respect of nitrogen, oxygen generating equipment and related equipment.
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